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Shane Morris - CV


St. Benildus College, De La Salle,
Upper Kilmacud Rd., Co. Dublin
Intermediate Certificate
Leaving Certificate
Matriculation Certificate

National University of Ireland, Maynooth
· Bachelor in Science (Hons) 2:1 received
Specialising in biology (molecular genetics) and mathematics (statistics)

1997- 2000
University of Limerick
· Postgraduate Research Student in Science
Specialising in the public perceptions and attitudes to modern biotechnology and resulting public policy and legislation.
· Manager of Irish Biotechnology Information Centre (www.ul.ie/~biotech)

2001 (March) - EU Advanced Course on Bioethics and Public Perceptions of Biotechnology St. Edmunds Hall College, Oxford University

2002 – Invited Reviewer for the peer-review scientific journal – Trends in Biotechnology

2003 – Invited Reviewer for the peer-review scientific journal - Journal of the Association of Analytical Communities International

Academic PUBLICATIONS and Invited Papers (selection)
Morris, S.H. (2007) Parallel Biopolitical Universes. Nature Biotechnology 25, pg. 33 - 34 (2007)

Morris, S.H. (2007) EU biotech crop regulations and environmental risk: a case of the emperor's new clothes? Trends in Biotechnology 2007 Jan;25(1):2-6 (CLICK HERE)

Powell, D.A., Blaine, K., Morris, S. and Wilson, J. (2003) Agronomic and consumer considerations for Bt and conventional sweet-corn. British Food Journal, Vol. 105, No. 10, pp. 700-713

Morris, S., Loftus, R., Scott, C., Hurnik, D. et al (2003) A Canadian DNA Traceability Trial to Enhance the Identity Preservation and Control of Transgenic Livestock. Invited speaker to the IAEF 1st International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis. November 5-7, 2003. Prague, Czech Republic.

Morris, S., Loftus, R., Scott, C., Hurnik, D. et al (2003) A Canadian DNA Traceability Trial to Enhance the Identity Preservation and Control of Transgenic Livestock. Invited speaker to the Agricultural Institution of Canada Foundation’s Annual Conference – From the Farm Gate to the Dinner Plate. November 2-4, 2003, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Morris, S. (2002) Discussant on the topic of Innovations in Biotechnology – Public Perceptions and Cultural Attitudes. Department of Justice Canada 2002 Conference on the Legal and Policy Implications of Advancements in Biotechnology. Ottawa, February 21, 2002

Powell, D.A., Blaine, K., Leudtke, A., Morris, S. and Wilson, J. (2001). Safe enough: enhancing consumer confidence in food production technologies in Governing Food ed. by P.W.B. Phillips and R. Wolfe. McGill-Queen's University Press. Montreal.

Morris, S.H. (2001) “Food under Fire: Risk in the Public Sphere” a paper presented at the conference entitled “Food of the Future: Comparing conventional, organic and genetically modified food crops: Understanding and managing the risks.” May 2-4, 2001. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C. http://www.sfu.ca/cstudies/science/foodforthefuture/food.pdf

Morris and Powell (2001) Rats and Risk, The Lancet, Vol. 357, No. 9252, January 27

Morris and Adley, (2001) "Irish public perceptions and attitudes to modern biotechnology: an overview with a focus on GM foods", Trends In Biotechnology, Vol. 19, No. 2. February, pp. 43-48

Morris and Adley, (2000), “Evolving European GM regulation: An Example of biopolitics at work”, Trends In Biotechnology, Vol. 18: 325-326.

Morris and Adley, (2000) “Genetically modified food issues: Attitudes of Irish University scientists.”, British Food Journal, Vol. 2, No. 9, pp. 669-691

Morris, S. H. (2000). Public attitudes to GM technology and public policy comments. Conservation Ecology 4(2): r5

Morris S.H., (March 17th 2000), “The ‘Greening’ of the gene: GE food in Ireland”, paper presented at the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety (CRIFS) seminar, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Morris and Adley, (1999). “Genetic Modification Technology: Attitudes of Irish University Scientists”, paper presented at the Society of General Microbiology meeting, Commercialisation of Biotechnology, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, 21-23 Sept. 1999

Other Publications (selected)

Morris, Cowen and Adley (2001) “Irish Public Perceptions and attitudes to modern biotechnology with a focus on GM Foods” Food and Farm, Volume 11, No.1 Spring, 2001, Teagasc, 19, Sandymount Avenue, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Letter in New Scientist, “Celtic Tiger” New Scientist, 29/1/2000, Pg. 51.

Morris, S. H. (June, 2000) “T25 GM Maize: The kernel of UK biopolitics.”, Information Systems for Biotechnology, ISB News Report, http://www.isb.vt.edu.

Highly Recommended at the 1997 Whittaker Awards, “The Ethics and Politics of Genetics”

Author of Young Fine Gael policy on Biotechnology and numerous media appearances.

Member of Euroscience Task force on Biotechnology policy in Europe.

British Food Journal 2004 Award for Excellence for Most Outstanding Paper.

EU Commission Scholarship to Oxford University Course – March 2001

Fellow Scholarship to the Salzburg Seminar: Session 392: Biotechnology: Legal, Ethical and Social Issues. – October 2001

2001-Teagasc Walsh Fellow Scholarship - University College Dublin, Ireland – Ph.D. research.

2003 – Canadian Ministerial Award for work on the Canadian BSE crisis in 2003.

2004 - Canadian Ministerial Award for work on Avian Influenza out break in British Columbia

Work experience
Leo Laboratories Ltd.,
· General Operator and Quality assessment

1996 (summer)
Tallaght Hospital Board
57c Harcourt St., Dublin 2.
· Bioengineering Tendering and Specification formulation.

Laboratory Demonstrator in Microbiology and Genetics Courses
University of Limerick
Academic years 1997-’98 and 1998-’99
· Teaching and practical supervision

Sept 2000-2001 Research Associate for Dr. Doug Powell (AGNET, FSNET)
· Centre For Safe Food, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Biotechnology communications officer and researcher on several projects.

Co-author of commissioned report for the Walkerton Inquiry entitled
Best Communication Practices in Communicating a Drinking-Water-Related Public Health Emergency

Professional Consultant to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) – Summer 2001
· Reports on EU biotechnology regulations and public perceptions

2001 – 2004 National Biotechnology Operations Coordinator Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) HQ Ottawa, Canada

Interests and activities
Scouting Leader in Maynooth Scout Troop


Politics Campaign Manager for Cllr. Diarmuid Scully Local Elections 1999
Internal Communications Officer - YFG National Executive ‘96-‘98
Private Consulting to EU MEP’s and members of Parliament.

Computers MS Office 2000, SPSS Statistics, Frontpage, HTML Programming.

Working Knowledge of French and Gaelic